W6/SS-636 – Alabama Hills

This was my third summit of four on a solo camping trip in Lone Pine.  The hike up was a relatively short cross country jaunt, less than a mile, but just under 1K elevation gain so kinda steep.  Up top I used a tri-band vertical; not much room for a end fed.  Worked 20,30,40M CW for about 30 minutes before packing down and heading to W6/IN-048


Total distance: 1.31 mi
Max elevation: 5308 ft
Total climbing: 984 ft
Total time: 01:44:45
Download file: W6SS636.gpx

Date:08/04/2022 | Summit:W6/SS-636 (Alabama Hills)

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
18:40 KN6FNY 10MHz CW S58N R55N
18:41 NS7P 10MHz CW S55N R55N
18:42 K6HPX 10MHz CW S57N R559
18:42 KF6HI 10MHz CW S58N R55N
18:44 WW7D 10MHz CW S339 R319
18:47 WU7H 10MHz CW S22N R33N
18:59 K7WFM 14MHz CW S559 R519
19:00 WA5AFD 14MHz CW S56N R45N
19:01 WU7H 14MHz CW S599 R55N
19:01 N7SM 14MHz CW S57N R599
19:03 WA2USA 14MHz CW S51N R33N
19:06 W5ODS 14MHz CW S52N R43N