W6/CD-016 – Ryan Mountain

I was in the area to attend the Experimental Music Festival in Wonder Valley and thought a SOTA activation would be a nice addition to my weekend plans.  Ryan Mountain is inside Joshua Tree National Park, and not too far from the north entrance, which, wasn’t too far from the music venue.  The hike is about 3 miles round trip, and a bit over 1,000′ in elevation gain, however the scorching February sun made it feel a bit longer.  At the top I found a place away from others and setup my vertical antenna with an MTR4B.  After a few questions on why I have a fishing pole in the desert, I started operating on 40M CW but didn’t get any QSOs., and only two on 30M.  When I moved to 20M, I ended up with a small pileup with one DX call from Japan.


Total distance: 2.93 mi
Max elevation: 5464 ft
Total climbing: 1268 ft
Total time: 02:31:53
Download file: Ryan.gpx

Date:02/04/2022 | Summit:W6/CD-016 (Ryan Mountain)

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
20:53 N7CNH 10MHz CW S52N R53N
20:54 WW7D 10MHz CW S55N R42N
21:02 KI7SVM 14MHz CW S55N R42N
21:04 N6AN 14MHz CW S2S W6/CT-225 S52N R53N
21:05 KF9D 14MHz CW S57N R52N
21:07 NG6R 14MHz CW S599 R44N
21:09 WB7BWZ 14MHz CW S52N R53N
21:10 W5WMQ 14MHz CW S559 R599
21:12 KI7TT 14MHz CW S53N R33N
21:14 K8MH 14MHz CW S589 R559
21:16 JH1MXV 14MHz CW S44N R429

Server Migraton

This blog is run using a cheap VPS with legacy equipment and recently, the vender announced they are shutting down the datacenter this VPS exists in.  As such, I’m migrating to a new VPS machine.  This is the first post on the new install.  Hello World!