W6/SS-449 – 5200

This was my second summit of four on a solo camping trip in Lone Pine.  After waking up at Portuguese Joe campground, I packed up my tent and made a quick breakfast before pointing my commuter car down movie road to the trailhead.  This was an easy drive in my small car.  One could take a 4×4 all the way to the top, but it gets kinda sketchy in a couple spots.  At the top I used an EFHW and worked through a pileup on 40M, then over to 30M.  One S2S up to San Francisco.  2.5 miles of hiking and a bit over 1K elevation.


Total distance: 2.51 mi
Max elevation: 5125 ft
Total climbing: 1296 ft
Total time: 02:14:06
Download file: W6SS449.gpx

Date:08/04/2022 | Summit:W6/SS-449 (5200)

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
16:30 K6EL 7MHz CW S559 R559 S2S W6/NC-423
16:30 WW7D 7MHz CW S57N R42N
16:33 KF6HI 7MHz CW S58N R55N
16:33 K6LDQ 7MHz CW S57N R55N
16:34 K6QCB 7MHz CW S55N R53N
16:36 NS7P 7MHz CW S57N R559
16:36 NA6MG 7MHz CW S57N R55N
16:39 W6TDX 7MHz CW S52N R55N
16:40 N6PKT 7MHz CW S53N R52N
16:42 N8FN 7MHz CW S42N R33N
16:43 K7S0 7MHz CW S42N R22N
16:44 WU7H 7MHz CW S52N R52N
16:45 KR7RK 7MHz CW S55N R55N
16:53 WB7ULD 10MHz CW S55N R57N
16:55 WB5USB 10MHz CW S52N R53N
16:57 K6YK 10MHz CW S42N R22N
16:59 KF7WI 10MHz CW S52N R51N
17:00 K6HPX 10MHz CW S58N R51N
17:02 KK7LK 10MHz CW S55N R55N