Colorado Springs to the middle of Kansas

I took off pretty early in the morning from the Springs, I thought it was going to rain all day, but I stayed dry.  I ended up next to a dam, by a lake where I found a beer coozie on the beach and free wireless internet provided by the “rural phone company”.  I almost dropped the bike on a muddy farm road, and almost buried the rear wheel trying to turn around.  That would have sucked.  Here are some photos for the day.

Total distance: 241.87 mi
Max elevation: 6915 ft
Total climbing: 4841 ft
Total time: 07:43:54
Download file: 20120824.gpx

Boise to Colorado Springs

I wasn’t planing on going to Colorado Springs, but a friend of mine just moved there and bad weather in Wyoming pushed me south.  Here I am!

Total distance: 172.29 mi
Max elevation: 6002 ft
Total climbing: 8633 ft
Total time: 06:09:35
Download file: 20120819.gpx
Total distance: 181.18 mi
Max elevation: 9583 ft
Total climbing: 14584 ft
Total time: 12:31:00
Download file: 20120820.gpx
Total distance: 449.54 mi
Max elevation: 8717 ft
Total climbing: 15671 ft
Total time: 10:16:10
Download file: 20120821.gpx


Portland to Boise

Half of my Portland photos are on my dslr, which I sent back to LA.  Oooops.  This camera I got from Craigslist for $45 from a highschool kid.  It’s small, waterproof and shockproof.

Total distance: 259.56 mi
Max elevation: 3935 ft
Total climbing: 10271 ft
Total time: 07:44:35
Download file: 20120817.gpx

I stayed the night on the side of the freeway.  I didn’t sleep well, but I did learn about this guy who pioneered the Oregon Trail.  I’ll try and add to this post more about him, but I don’t know when that will be.


Total distance: 113.27 mi
Max elevation: 4193 ft
Total climbing: 14694 ft
Total time: 10:05:06
Download file: 20120818.gpx

Oakland to Portland

The trip from Oakland to Portland took a few days, which was nice because the idea was to stay on slow side roads and camp quite a bit.



Total distance: 202.61 mi
Max elevation: 1216 ft
Total climbing: 9064 ft
Total time: 10:36:37
Download file: 20120810.gpx

Total distance: 121.69 mi
Max elevation: 709 ft
Total climbing: 8443 ft
Total time: 10:10:16
Download file: 20120809.gpx
Total distance: 131.82 mi
Max elevation: 1439 ft
Total climbing: 11036 ft
Total time: 12:37:35
Download file: 20120808.gpx
Total distance: 207.82 mi
Max elevation: 1889 ft
Total climbing: 16423 ft
Total time: 10:51:30
Download file: 20120807.gpx

Bay Area

Spent the day in the Bay Area mostly getting lost because navigating is really hard on a motorcycle.  Met up with Gibbons and the Sluts in Golden Gate Park for a moment to sit in the sun and eat bread with cheese.  There were a lot of people I wanted to see but just didn’t have time to do so.  🙁  I picked up a rain suit because it’s probably going to rain.  Only one photo was taken today; my giant dslr is not really the right camera for this kinda trip.  Here is a photo that I stole from Flickr that has something to do with San Francisco.

I took this one, which is a typical neighborhood in San Francisco.

Next stop, Lost Coast.  I hope we don’t run out of gas out there!

Total distance: 24.83 mi
Max elevation: 486 ft
Total climbing: 4697 ft
Total time: 07:42:04
Download file: 20120806.gpx

SLO to Oakland

We decided to take Highway 1 from SLO to the Bay area, which meant everything was beautiful.  I have attached a couple photos below, but they will never to the region justice.  You have to visit to appreciate it.




Raina’s bike ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but luckily we were able to find some cheap gas.  After filling up the tank, the bike slowly tipped over, removing 2/3’s of the front brake lever!  Crap!  Also, we noticed a little bit down the road the the speedo cable detached it’s self from the instrument cluster!  I removed the cable completely.  Oh well, the speedo didn’t work on her bike anyways.



Here is a photo of some sand at a beach we visited.  I’m not a geologist, but it looks like the quartz content of this sand is minimal.  It looks like small granite bits to me.