Lost/ Random photos

When I mailed my big ass DSLR back to LA, I forgot to take the photos off of the card!  Now that I’m back, here are those images.  Also included are images from my phone, and stuff from Facebook.

Texas, across the desert, Mesa, Salton Sea and back to Los Angeles

Total distance: 268.9 mi
Max elevation: 2595 ft
Total climbing: 9335 ft
Total time: 21:05:12
Download file: endtrip.gpx
Total distance: 281.78 mi
Max elevation: 1738 ft
Total climbing: 4411 ft
Total time: 07:32:51
Download file: 20121018.gpx
Total distance: 101.56 mi
Max elevation: 3649 ft
Total climbing: 2061 ft
Total time: 03:56:40
Download file: 20121017.gpx
Total distance: 159.71 mi
Max elevation: 4981 ft
Total climbing: 5907 ft
Total time: 08:44:55
Download file: 20121016.gpx
Total distance: 271.75 mi
Max elevation: 8708 ft
Total climbing: 10264 ft
Total time: 09:03:31
Download file: 20121015.gpx
Total distance: 219.08 mi
Max elevation: 3007 ft
Total climbing: 9217 ft
Total time: 08:26:04
Download file: 20121014.gpx

Florida, to Tejas!

I didn’t take too many photos and I got wet quite a bit riding in the Florida panhandle.  I hiked out 2.5 miles threw a swamp to a camping spot and had the worst experience with mosquitoes evea.

Total distance: 263.61 mi
Max elevation: 571 ft
Total climbing: 4604 ft
Total time: 05:44:48
Download file: 20121005.gpx
Total distance: 267.7 mi
Max elevation: 172 ft
Total climbing: 2763 ft
Total time: 07:40:34
Download file: 20121004.gpx
Total distance: 157.36 mi
Max elevation: 166 ft
Total climbing: 2612 ft
Total time: 08:15:55
Download file: 20121002.gpx
Total distance: 129.66 mi
Max elevation: 153 ft
Total climbing: 2725 ft
Total time: 09:39:08
Download file: 20121001.gpx
Total distance: 399.95 mi
Max elevation: 549 ft
Total climbing: 2847 ft
Total time: 10:58:49
Download file: 20120930.gpx
Total distance: 148.27 mi
Max elevation: 151 ft
Total climbing: 760 ft
Total time: 03:32:14
Download file: 20120927.gpx