W6/IN-045 – 5396

This was my first summit in a series of four while solo camping in Lone Pine.  I had just drove up from Los Angeles, found a place to camp, setup my tent, relaxed a bit, then headed over to W6/IN-046, also known as “Rattlesnake Hill”.  There was no apparent trail to the summit, so I parked my car in a small clearing and just headed up the mountain, watching out for rattle snakes on my way.  Once the steep part was out of the way I picked up what looked like a use-trail and followed it up the the geographical summit.  Used a vertical and worked 20M.  One contact on 2M with a local who told me to watch out for snakes.  When heading down, I picked up on a much better trail.  I’ll take this way up next time.


Total distance: 2.03 mi
Max elevation: 5322 ft
Total climbing: 1624 ft
Total time: 02:30:53
Download file: W6IN045.gpx

Date:07/04/2022 | Summit:W6/IN-045 (5396)

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
21:35 AC7P 14MHz CW S559 R559
21:36 W4KRN 14MHz CW S57N R44N
21:38 N0IPA 14MHz CW S33N R42N
21:43 KF9D 14MHz CW S55N R55N
21:44 W0RLY 14MHz CW S57N R57N
21:46 VE7HI 14MHz CW S57N R33N
21:47 WG0AT 14MHz CW S33N R54N
21:52 W5BOS 14MHz CW S599 R55N
21:54 WV0Q 14MHz CW S55N R53N
21:55 NU7A 14MHz CW S54N R33N
21:58 WX1S 14MHz CW S52N R55N
22:01 KD6TLE 144MHz FM S59 R59