W6/IN-048 – 5213

This was the last summit of four I activated on a solo camping trip in Lone Pine, and my third climb of the day.  At this point, the temperature was quite warm, and the wind was starting to get a bit unruly.  I parked the car right off Movie Road and started hiking up to the summit.  Once there I used the EFHW, which was tough to wrangle in the wind.  The golf umbrella I used for shade was useless in these conditions.  Worked 20,30, 40M CW and got back down to the car as quickly as I could.


Total distance: 1.2 mi
Max elevation: 5138 ft
Total climbing: 863 ft
Total time: 02:11:52
Download file: W6IN048.gpx

Date:08/04/2022 | Summit:W6/IN-048 (5213)

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
20:42 N8FN 7MHz CW S58N R55N
20:43 N6TEM 7MHz CW S54N R52N
20:44 KR7RK 7MHz CW S55N R33N
20:44 K6LDQ 7MHz CW S58N R52N
20:46 W7CBR 7MHz CW S52N R599
20:47 K6EL 7MHz CW S52N R55N S2S W6/NC-423
20:47 NS7P 7MHz CW S589 R54N
20:49 AJ6KZ 7MHz CW S58N R54N S2S W6/CT-015
20:51 K6TUY 7MHz CW S579 R56N
20:52 W7SKH 7MHz CW S559 R599
20:54 N6PKT 7MHz CW S42N R52N
20:56 K6QCB 7MHz CW S53N R53N
21:05 WA6LE 10MHz CW S559 R58N S2S W6/ND-144
21:08 KN6FNY 10MHz CW S58N R55N
21:10 WW7D 10MHz CW S52N R33N
21:11 WU7H 10MHz CW S42N R22N
21:13 AG6ZE 10MHz CW S57N R55N
21:14 AI6QZ 10MHz CW S57N R55N
21:20 KE6IWM 144MHz FM S59 R59
21:26 F4WBN 14MHz CW S44N R599
21:28 AC7P 14MHz CW S52N R44N
21:29 WA2USA 14MHz CW S529 R459
21:30 N0IPA 14MHz CW S44N R42N
21:31 KF9D 14MHz CW S52N R52N
21:33 W9VNE 14MHz CW S42N R44N
21:36 N5JST 14MHz CW S42N R55N
21:38 AI5EZ 14MHz CW S53N R55N
21:40 N7ZQ 14MHz CW S53N R55N