Ventura refinery ride

IMG_1741 IMG_1743 IMG_1747 IMG_1750 IMG_1751Vlad wanted to make a trip up to Ventura to explore a abandoned refinery.  I thought I had visited this site several years ago, but this one was completely different.  How many abandoned refineries are there in Ventura?

Total distance: 161.22 mi
Max elevation: 1554 ft
Total climbing: 6882 ft
Total time: 08:45:48
Download file: 20150510.gpx


Amelia is an actress and model.  We met up for a quick shoot somewhere in the valley, at a location I’ve never been before.  Luckily, we found a good spot to shoot within minutes.  Check out Amelia’s Tumblr, here.


Fresh Rolls for 2013

I’ve been shooting a bunch of film lately since I’m Mr.Unemployed guy, and with an interest to keep this blog rolling with fresh content, I present you with a couple photos from my first two rolls of 2013.  When I get around to developing the pile of exposed film on my desk, I’ll post some more.  Check out more of my photography work on my now extremely outdated site; 

An alleyway in Echo Park

Somewhere in Highland Park


Every once in a while I am presented with the pleasure to photograph someone truly unique and verbose.  Like many of my subjects, Anna is an aspiring actress, model, and dancer who attends college and majors in theater arts.  Here is my favorite from a series of photos we shot in North Hollywood.

Anna in North Hollywood