Florida, to Tejas!

I didn’t take too many photos and I got wet quite a bit riding in the Florida panhandle.  I hiked out 2.5 miles threw a swamp to a camping spot and had the worst experience with mosquitoes evea.

Total distance: 263.61 mi
Max elevation: 571 ft
Total climbing: 4604 ft
Total time: 05:44:48
Download file: 20121005.gpx
Total distance: 267.7 mi
Max elevation: 172 ft
Total climbing: 2763 ft
Total time: 07:40:34
Download file: 20121004.gpx
Total distance: 157.36 mi
Max elevation: 166 ft
Total climbing: 2612 ft
Total time: 08:15:55
Download file: 20121002.gpx
Total distance: 129.66 mi
Max elevation: 153 ft
Total climbing: 2725 ft
Total time: 09:39:08
Download file: 20121001.gpx
Total distance: 399.95 mi
Max elevation: 549 ft
Total climbing: 2847 ft
Total time: 10:58:49
Download file: 20120930.gpx
Total distance: 148.27 mi
Max elevation: 151 ft
Total climbing: 760 ft
Total time: 03:32:14
Download file: 20120927.gpx


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