Texas, across the desert, Mesa, Salton Sea and back to Los Angeles

Total distance: 268.9 mi
Max elevation: 2595 ft
Total climbing: 9335 ft
Total time: 21:05:12
Download file: endtrip.gpx
Total distance: 281.78 mi
Max elevation: 1738 ft
Total climbing: 4411 ft
Total time: 07:32:51
Download file: 20121018.gpx
Total distance: 101.56 mi
Max elevation: 3649 ft
Total climbing: 2061 ft
Total time: 03:56:40
Download file: 20121017.gpx
Total distance: 159.71 mi
Max elevation: 4981 ft
Total climbing: 5907 ft
Total time: 08:44:55
Download file: 20121016.gpx
Total distance: 271.75 mi
Max elevation: 8708 ft
Total climbing: 10264 ft
Total time: 09:03:31
Download file: 20121015.gpx
Total distance: 219.08 mi
Max elevation: 3007 ft
Total climbing: 9217 ft
Total time: 08:26:04
Download file: 20121014.gpx

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