W6/SC-161 – Townsend Peak

This is a pretty easy two point summit just off Interstate 5 north of Santa Clarita. Park near Templin Highway and find the fire road along the south side of the highway. Follow this up to a locked gate and continue up the hill. Eventually you will come to a saddle, with a light use trail which leads to the summit. Watch out for rattle snakes! Worked 20M, and 40M CW, no S2S.


Total distance: 3.01 mi
Max elevation: 3179 ft
Total climbing: 824 ft
Total time: 01:50:59
Download file: Townsend.GPX

Date:11/10/2021 | Summit:W6/SC-161 (Townsend Peak)

00:37WW7D7MHzCWS559 R439
00:40K6QCB7MHzCWS549 R42N
00:42N7CNH7MHzCWS559 R44N
00:44KF6HI7MHzCWS599 R559
00:48KR7RK7MHzCWS599 R229
00:51W6GRT7MHzCWS549 R56N
00:55NU7B10MHzCWS559 R33N
00:58N7BHP10MHzCWS55N R33N