W6/CT-214 – Calabasas Peak

Calabasas Peak is the first summit I activated in the Santa Monica Mountains. I parked across the street from the trailhead on Stunt Road and walked up the steep fire road to the summit. Once there, you will find a couple different benchmarks and a sturdy post to hold an antenna mast. There is little to no shade on the hike up, and very little shade at the summit. I drank 2 liters of water on the short 3.5 mile hike, as it was quite hot the day of my activation.


Total distance: 3.69 mi
Max elevation: 2152 ft
Total climbing: 1107 ft
Total time: 03:18:26
Download file: Calabasas_Peak.GPX

Date:08/09/2021 | Summit:W6/CT-214 (Calabasas Peak)

21:24KB9ENS10MHzCWS559 R559 S2S W5N/SI-001
21:41K6TUY14MHzSSBS59 R59
21:42K6ARV14MHzSSBS58 R53
21:42N0WAE14MHzSSBS58 R44
21:54AJ6CL14MHzCWS599 R599 S2S W6/CT-218
22:04WW7D10MHzCWS559 R549
22:05NG6R10MHzCWS559 R559
22:07AA7OY10MHzCWS559 R559
22:09AB6ET10MHzCWS559 R579
22:26K6LDQ144MHzFMS59 R59
22:27KI6SLA144MHzFMS59 R57
Stay to the left here
Hard to tell here, but the road is a bit too steep for reasonable mountain biking.