W6/CT-009 – Butler Peak

The road up to Butler Peak was closed for several years due to a washout, however, repairs were made and the road opened July 4th. I drove my low clearance commuter car from Rim Of The World to Forest Road 2N13, and parked near the gate up to Butler. Hiking up to the summit was enjoyable and offered views not normally seen in the San Gabriel mountain range. Once at the top, the fire lookout volunteer invited me up to the tower for a tour and mentioned I was the only hiker of the day and that everyone else arrived via off-road vehicle. After the tour I climbed around on the rocks just below the tower in search for a place to setup the radio. There isn’t much usable room but I found a place I could put my endfed wire between two rocks. Since I brought my Yaesu 817 I decided to start on 70cm CW, which got me one contact. Moving to 2M FM only got me an additional contact. Moving to HF afforded me the contacts needed to get points. I made it down the mountain and back to the paved road right when it was starting to get dark. Perfect timing!


Total distance: 5.44 mi
Max elevation: 8567 ft
Total climbing: 1480 ft
Total time: 03:38:41
Download file: Butler.gpx

Date:20/08/2022 | Summit:W6/CT-009 (Butler Peak)

00:08NT6E433MHzCWS599 R529
00:22KI6SLA144MHzFMS57 R55
00:45WA6KYR7MHzCWS58N R58N
00:46KE6MT7MHzCWS57N R559
00:47WW7D7MHzCWS52N R31N
00:51K6TUY7MHzCWS51N R58N
01:01W6TDX14MHzCWS58N R57N
01:03AK5SD14MHzCWS56N R41N
01:06WW7D14MHzCWS57N R55N

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