W6/CC-005 – Reyes Peak

Reyes Peak is one I’ve wanted to activate since starting SOTA in 2019, but hadn’t because it’s a pretty far drive from the our home. On a hot July day my wife and I wanted to get out of the house, so we decided to jump in the car and go for a long drive out to the summit trailhead. Getting there took longer than expected due to slow winding roads. Shortly after starting off on the trailhead, the path splits. Go straight there, up a steep embankment. If you make a left turn to will end up at Haddock Mountain. At the summit is a rock formation you can scramble up. You can find evidence of an old fire lookout tower here. I signed the register and setup my HF antenna; worked 40M, 30M, and 20M. No contacts on 30. After getting back to the car we headed over to Rainbow Falls, then eventually over to Ojai for dinner and a beer.


Normally I would put a .gpx map in this space, but I don’t believe I recorded one!

Date:01/07/2022 | Summit:W6/CC-005 (Reyes Peak)

21:55NT6E7MHzCWS52N R52N
21:56K7EA7MHzCWS55N R33N
21:57K6EL7MHzCWS45N R55N S2S W6/CC-072
22:00KN6EZE7MHzCWS53N R55N
22:06W6LZY7MHzCWS57N R53N
22:07K6YK7MHzCWS57N R55N
22:11N6TE7MHzCWS58N R57N
22:12KE6MT7MHzCWS57N R55N
22:13W7SKH7MHzCWS58N R599
22:13W7CBR7MHzCWS55N R599
22:15K3GX7MHzCWS51N R44N
22:27AC1GE14MHzCWS42N R33N
22:28NS7P14MHzCWS58N R57N
22:28W6TDX14MHzCWS52N R52N
22:34KD7LX14MHzCWS52N R33N