PAT – A Winlink Cliet

Here is how I run Pat with AX25. This assumes Direwolf can key your radio for 2M/ 1200 baud connections to local nodes. I’ve yet to get this actually working, as I live in hole which RF can’t seem to escape.

Run Direwolf, with APRS stuff commented out of the config file. The -p and -c flags are needed.

$sudo direwolf -p -c direwolf_noaprs.conf

This will give a symlink, such as:

Virtual KISS TNC is available on /dev/pts/1
Created symlink /tmp/kisstnc -> /dev/pts/1

Take note of the device number, in this case, /dev/pts/1 Bind the port to AX.25

$ kissattach /dev/pts/1 wl2k
AX.25 port wl2k bound to device ax0

Then, run pat. I use a bunch of arguments here, you don need to.

$pat --listen ardop,ax25,telnet http -a

Open a browser, and load pat interface on :8080. Please note allows connections from other machines, not just localhost which is useful for VPN.

You noticed that I included ardop in the config – this is a HF modem which needs separate command line arguments for configuration. Basic config is below. 8515 is the port, plughw is the USB sound card for I/O. Find the audio cards by typing aplay -l into the terminal

Download ardop here.

$./ardopc 8515 plughw:1,0 plughw:1,0