Oakland to Portland

The trip from Oakland to Portland took a few days, which was nice because the idea was to stay on slow side roads and camp quite a bit.



Total distance: 202.61 mi
Max elevation: 1216 ft
Total climbing: 9064 ft
Total time: 10:36:37
Download file: 20120810.gpx

Total distance: 121.69 mi
Max elevation: 709 ft
Total climbing: 8443 ft
Total time: 10:10:16
Download file: 20120809.gpx
Total distance: 131.82 mi
Max elevation: 1439 ft
Total climbing: 11036 ft
Total time: 12:37:35
Download file: 20120808.gpx
Total distance: 207.82 mi
Max elevation: 1889 ft
Total climbing: 16423 ft
Total time: 10:51:30
Download file: 20120807.gpx

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