SLO to Oakland

We decided to take Highway 1 from SLO to the Bay area, which meant everything was beautiful.  I have attached a couple photos below, but they will never to the region justice.  You have to visit to appreciate it.




Raina’s bike ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but luckily we were able to find some cheap gas.  After filling up the tank, the bike slowly tipped over, removing 2/3’s of the front brake lever!  Crap!  Also, we noticed a little bit down the road the the speedo cable detached it’s self from the instrument cluster!  I removed the cable completely.  Oh well, the speedo didn’t work on her bike anyways.



Here is a photo of some sand at a beach we visited.  I’m not a geologist, but it looks like the quartz content of this sand is minimal.  It looks like small granite bits to me.


Total distance: 264.54 mi
Max elevation: 984 ft
Total climbing: 12323 ft
Total time: 11:05:21
Download file: 20120805.gpx

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