Colorado Springs to the middle of Kansas

I took off pretty early in the morning from the Springs, I thought it was going to rain all day, but I stayed dry.  I ended up next to a dam, by a lake where I found a beer coozie on the beach and free wireless internet provided by the “rural phone company”.  I almost dropped the bike on a muddy farm road, and almost buried the rear wheel trying to turn around.  That would have sucked.  Here are some photos for the day.

Total distance: 323.51 mi
Max elevation: 6913 ft
Min elevation: 1893 ft
Total climbing: 4829 ft
Average speed: 22.60 m/s

Boise to Colorado Springs

I wasn’t planing on going to Colorado Springs, but a friend of mine just moved there and bad weather in Wyoming pushed me south.  Here I am!

Total distance: 172.3 mi
Max elevation: 6001 ft
Min elevation: 574 ft
Total climbing: 8612 ft
Average speed: 23.24 m/s
Total distance: 352.07 mi
Max elevation: 9580 ft
Min elevation: 4724 ft
Total climbing: 14610 ft
Average speed: 21.48 m/s
Total distance: 458.69 mi
Max elevation: 8714 ft
Min elevation: 4846 ft
Total climbing: 15682 ft
Average speed: 25.78 m/s


Portland to Boise

Half of my Portland photos are on my dslr, which I sent back to LA.  Oooops.  This camera I got from Craigslist for $45 from a highschool kid.  It’s small, waterproof and shockproof.

Total distance: 259.59 mi
Max elevation: 3934 ft
Min elevation: 26 ft
Total climbing: 10269 ft
Average speed: 21.78 m/s

I stayed the night on the side of the freeway.  I didn’t sleep well, but I did learn about this guy who pioneered the Oregon Trail.  I’ll try and add to this post more about him, but I don’t know when that will be.


Total distance: 266.66 mi
Max elevation: 4193 ft
Min elevation: 709 ft
Total climbing: 14724 ft
Average speed: 16.54 m/s

Oakland to Portland

The trip from Oakland to Portland took a few days, which was nice because the idea was to stay on slow side roads and camp quite a bit.



Total distance: 206.13 mi
Max elevation: 1214 ft
Min elevation: -102 ft
Total climbing: 9055 ft
Average speed: 16.40 m/s

Total distance: 159.05 mi
Max elevation: 709 ft
Min elevation: -79 ft
Total climbing: 8392 ft
Average speed: 18.71 m/s
Total distance: 225.15 mi
Max elevation: 1437 ft
Min elevation: -30 ft
Total climbing: 10994 ft
Average speed: 18.83 m/s
Total distance: 234.28 mi
Max elevation: 1886 ft
Min elevation: -144 ft
Total climbing: 16325 ft
Average speed: 14.27 m/s

Bay Area

Spent the day in the Bay Area mostly getting lost because navigating is really hard on a motorcycle.  Met up with Gibbons and the Sluts in Golden Gate Park for a moment to sit in the sun and eat bread with cheese.  There were a lot of people I wanted to see but just didn’t have time to do so.  🙁  I picked up a rain suit because it’s probably going to rain.  Only one photo was taken today; my giant dslr is not really the right camera for this kinda trip.  Here is a photo that I stole from Flickr that has something to do with San Francisco.

I took this one, which is a typical neighborhood in San Francisco.

Next stop, Lost Coast.  I hope we don’t run out of gas out there!