W6/WH-009 – 10660

This summit starts at the Ancient Bristle Cone Pine visitor center parking lot. Take the trail to the Mexican Mines, which winds past some old cabins and mine shafts. Continue on the trail until a second set of collapsed mine audits. From here, just head straight up the hill a short distance to the summit. There, you will see another collapsed mine audit; this is where I setup my station. Worked 20, 40, 2, and 1.2GHz. Did a bit of rock hounding, then headed back to the car. This is pretty high elevation, and I was feeling the effects having just come from Los Angeles. No .gpx data for this summit, as I thought I would use a phone app instead of a hardware GPS. Phone app crashed. Doh!


(Sadly, no .gpx data for this summit)

Date:02/07/2021 | Summit:W6/WH-009 (10660)

21:45WU7H14MHzSSBS58 R44
21:46K6HPX14MHzSSBS58 R54
21:56NW6C144MHzSSBS59 R59 JOHN
21:57NQ7R144MHzSSBS55 R59
21:58KK6HTM144MHzSSBS59 R59
22:51KT4Q14MHzSSBS58 R44 POTA K502
22:57WB7ULD14MHzSSBS45 R34
22:59WD8KDB14MHzSSBS58 R44
23:01W5ODS14MHzSSBS59 R55
23:17K6YK14MHzSSBS59 R33