W6/ND-041 – 8126

This summit is just outside of Mammoth Lakes and worth the journey if you’re in the area. I started out from my campsite off Owens River Road, and meandered through various forest roads on the moto to get as close to 8126 as I could. There are quite a bit of small spur trails in this area and my GPS isn’t granular enough to navigate the correct intersections, which meant, I needed to travel down a spur a few 100 feet before the GPS would indicate which road I was actually on. Often times, I was wrong and had to turn around. Eventually, I got as close to the summit as I could. A large tree blocked a road which goes to the top. I stopped here and hiked the rest of the way up a short, but steep, rocky and rutted path. At the top, there was little shade, and it was hot. Worked 20m and 40m SSB, and had a S2S with N6MKW on 2m, who found and returned an antenna I lost on Mt. Pacifico in the San Gabriels. Thanks again!


Total distance: 0.75 mi
Max elevation: 8166 ft
Total climbing: 396 ft
Total time: 01:34:45
Download file: 8126.GPX

Date:07/07/2021 | Summit:W6/ND-041 (8126)

16:41NW7E14MHzSSBS55 R53
16:42N0WAE14MHzSSBS55 R45
16:43N7BHP14MHzSSBS54 R43
16:43K6MW14MHzSSBS58 R55
16:47WU7H14MHzSSBS57 R55
16:51WY7N14MHzSSBS33 R55
17:02N6MKW144MHzFMS59 R59 S2S W6/ND-026
17:07W6TDX7MHzSSBS33 R33
17:09NS7P7MHzSSBS45 R45
17:12K6LDQ7MHzSSBS45 R33
The “trailhead”. The road was blocked by logs, and while you can’t tell from the photo, it was a bit too steep and rocky for me to take the moto further.
More logs block the old road up
View from the top, lots of obsidian.