W6/ND-026 – Gilbert Peak

This summit is named after Charles Merwin Gilbert (1910 – 1988), you can read more about his life and career here —> https://eps.berkeley.edu/content/charles-merwin-gilbert. I didn’t do any internet searches on how to summit this peak before attempting it myself, but I think there is a better way up than the way I went. I took the moto through the forest on an (unnamed?) road and parked as close to the summit as one could, then hiked straight up the side of the hill. It was hot; I was quickly moving from shady spot to shady spot to stay out of the blazing sun. Drank almost a liter of water on the way up. At the top, some interesting rock formations and a plaque dedicated to Charles Merwin Gilbert. I setup my station just off the side of the rock formation, under a shady tree, where I got attacked by crawling insects that liked bite me. Called out on 2M, made no contacts. Worked 20M SSB, and 30M CW. Two S2S contacts.


Total distance: 1.02 mi
Max elevation: 8638 ft
Total climbing: 789 ft
Total time: 02:11:43
Download file: Gilbert Peak.GPX

Date:06/07/2021 | Summit:W6/ND-026 (Gilbert Peak)

18:08N0WAE14MHzSSBS56 R55
18:09NS7P14MHzSSBS58 R57
18:10K5DEZ14MHzSSBS42 R42
18:11W7GNM14MHzSSBS57 R59
18:12KJ7UIZ14MHzSSBS35 R53
18:27KX0R10MHzCWR549 S599 S2S W0C/FR-080
18:31K0DAJ14MHzSSBS57 R45 S2S W0D/BB-002
18:34WU7H14MHzSSBS42 R55
18:34WW7D14MHzSSBS59 R53
I think that’s Gilbert Peak off in the distance.
Typical roads in the area
Parked the moto here with a note about my whereabouts, summit is straight up the hill
It was very hot. I was hiking from shady spot to shady spot.
First view of the summit
A plaque about Gilbert Peak
View from the top