W6/IN-017 and W6/IN-036 – 7900 Loop

I wanted to hike some new terrain, so I mapped out a route through the Cow horns, east of Big Pine. Leaving Los Angeles around 6am got me to Big Pine before noon, where I bought some drinks and ice for the cooler before heading over to Death Valley Road. There is no actual trail that I could find. I started hiking up a wash, which had various levels and looked as if it would be a waterfall in times of rain. This was too sketchy for me, so I tried to get as much elevation as possible instead by climbing out of the steep wash through loose soil. It was starting to get hot, but I brought a giant golf umbrella to offer shade, which offered relief. After hiking for about 45 minutes I found the ridge line and headed straight to the summit. Once there I looked for a register, or a geo marker, but didn’t find anything. Worked 20,30, 40M CW. Wanting to activate the neighboring summit, I packed the station up and headed over……


Total distance: 3.52 mi
Max elevation: 7897 ft
Total climbing: 1956 ft
Total time: 06:05:59
Download file: Cowhorns.gpx

Date:02/06/2022 | Summit:W6/IN-017 (7900)

20:22K6HPX7MHzCWS55N R53N
20:25W7SKH7MHzCWS53N R55N
20:26WB6POT7MHzCWS57N R57N
20:27W7CBR7MHzCWS55N R55N
20:28N7CW7MHzCWS52N R53N
20:29K7EA7MHzCWS55N R55N
20:29W6JP7MHzCWS52N R51N
20:30NT6E7MHzCWS57N R53N
20:33K6QCB7MHzCWS55N R42N
20:43K7SO10MHzCWS52N R55N
20:44NS7P10MHzCWS57N R55N
20:45AF7M10MHzCWS52N R55N
20:48AC7P10MHzCWS42N R33N
20:57AK5SD14MHzCWS52N R42N
20:58K9WO14MHzCWS51N R44N
21:00W4JM14MHzCWS33N R33N
21:02AF7M14MHzCWS55N R55N

Death Valley Road
Hiking up dry waterfalls
I gave up trying to follow this path and hiked straight to the left
Up the hill…..
A nice Joshua tree with W6/IN-036 in the background
First view of the summit
At the top, zero shade

The route I took over to W6/IN-036 was steep, and at one point I was questioning myself why I do things like this. It was hot, the ground under me was loose and I was consistently slipping. There are several nice shady trees on the ridge which offered additional shade. These trees felt a bit out of place as the whole journey thus far had seemed to be a bit treeless. Once at the summit, I looked around for any markers, or even a register but found nothing. Feeling fatigued, I setup my station and spotted myself on APRS. At 00:00 I shut the station down and headed back to the car. Going down was also steep and I only slipped once. I’d like to come back to these summits on a cooler day, and maybe place a register, and hopefully find a less steep route.


Date:02/06/2022 | Summit:W6/IN-036 (7900)

23:05NS7P7MHzCWS52N R44N
23:06K6QCB7MHzCWS55N R53N
23:08WA7JTM7MHzCWS57N R55N
23:08W6QX7MHzCWS58N R55N
23:11W7DLZ7MHzCWS56N R22N
23:14NT6E7MHzCWS58N R55N
23:16N6IZ7MHzCWS52N R33N
23:27N7CNH10MHzCWS51N R53N
23:30N7WI10MHzCWS57N R55N
23:45VE7HI14MHzCWS42N R33N
23:47AC7P14MHzCWS42N R33N
23:49W9APS14MHzCWS33N R599
Looking up at W6/IN-036
Hiking in a wash
Going up was much steeper than I expected
Trees along the ridge line
Summit is up there
Heading down the ridge
Back at the car, boots off, ice cold cantaloupe.

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