W6/CT-274 – Saddle Peak

At the time of this activation, the Angeles National Forest was closed due to fires, so my SOTA efforts move to the Santa Monica Mountains. Saddle Peak is a 2 point summit and is well hiked by locals. An quick mile up, and a mile down makes this an easy summit to bag, but please note there isn’t much shade. At the summit, paragliders were starting their flights to the beach in Malibu. Worked 20M SSB/ CW and 30M CW.


Total distance: 2 mi
Max elevation: 2789 ft
Total climbing: 537 ft
Total time: 02:17:52
Download file: Saddle_Peak.GPX

Date:17/09/2021 | Summit:W6/CT-274 (Saddle Peak)

18:34KN6PHZ14MHzSSBS57 R56
18:37WW7D14MHzSSBS56 R53
18:38K6LDQ14MHzSSBS59 R56
18:39W4KRN14MHzSSBS52 R33
18:54WY7N10MHzCWS559 R52N S2S W7U/TO-016
19:02WG0AT10MHzCWS579 R529
19:13N4LAG14MHzCWS559 R549 S2S W0D/BB-028
19:21N6ARA14MHzCWS599 R5NN S2S W6/CT-153
19:23F4WBN14MHzCWS549 R5NN
Trailhead sign for Saddle Peak
Water tank, trail continues around the back side.
Wife at summit
Radio facility over on the next hill.
Typical view at the top.