W6/CT-225 – Flint Peak

November 10th, 2019. This was a quick activation. I cycled up to the top, made 10 contacts, and was back at the starting point within an hour. Getting to the actual summit is impossible as there is a fence to keep folks out of the antenna area. I didn’t bother setting up the HF station, so I just worked local 146.520 Mhz, 2M FM using the Yaesu 817. RF levels felt high, as my HT was struggling to pull signals from the Mount Wilson repeater which is line of sight to this point. Furthest contact goes to WB2WIK, who was near the Ventura County line.


(Update 05-09-2022 – a server migration, plugin and php update revealed the timestamps on this .gpx file are broken. I’ve added fake times so this page renders correctly)

Total distance: 0.69 mi
Max elevation: 1874 ft
Total climbing: 443 ft
Total time: 00:02:03
Download file: W6CT225.gpx

Date:10/Nov/2019 Summit:W6/CT-225 (Flint Peak) 

Time Call Band Mode Notes
22:08z KM6CEM 144MHz FM  
22:10z K6LDQ 144MHz FM  
22:12z KI6UCN 144MHz FM  
22:12z KK6TDU 144MHz FM  
22:15z KA6JAC 144MHz FM  
22:15z WB2WIK 144MHz FM  
22:19z KA6HGT 144MHz FM  
22:20z KK6ZVQ 144MHz FM  
22:25z KN6CJK 144MHz FM  
22:28z KN6DFX 144MHz FM  

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