W6/CT-144 – 4460

I’ve been looking for more summits which are accessible by dual sport motorcycle, and the western edge of the Angeles National Forest seems to have a few from what I can gather via internet research. I just need to ride around the area and see how accessible they are. This summit is just off BPL Road, which I believe, is private. However, the roads are in the forest, which is open. It shouldn’t be an issue to use the land so off I went. Near the summit, I parked the moto off the side of the road and followed the ridge line up to the top. An inverted triangle post was used to hold a QRP Guys end fed tuner, with 41′ of wire stretched out to a collapsible fishing pole. I worked 20M, 40M, and 2M. One summit to summit contact on FM. There are a few more 2 and 4 point summits in the area, which I hope to activate soon.


Total distance: 0.56 mi
Max elevation: 4451 ft
Total climbing: 308 ft
Total time: 01:42:13
Download file: W6:CT-144.GPX

Date:23/10/2020 | Summit:W6/CT-144 (4460)

20:20NOWAE14MHzSSB59 55
20:21WW7D14MHzSSB59 57
20:22N0MNA14MHzSSB55 44
20:24W0ERI14MHzSSB55 44
20:25KG6MZS14MHzSSB57 43
20:27WU7H14MHzSSB59 58
20:43N6NKT7MHzSSB59 33
20:46K6LDQ7MHzSSB55 33
21:06KN6CQX144MHzFMS2S W6/CT-004
Twisty dirt roads
I parked here and hiked the rest of the way to the top.
Yaesu FT2D + QRP Guys end fed tuner + 41′ of wire
Looking off from the summit
Activation Zone