W6/CT-089 – Mt. Lawlor

This was my second activation of Mt. Lawlor. The first time I didn’t take any photos/ video and I wish I had, because the summit and firebreak has been cleared. Tracks from a large machine can be seen at the top; I have no idea how they got it up there. Helicopter? You can get up to Lawlor several ways – I parked at Red Box Picnic area and hiked to the firebreak, then, straight up to the summit. You can bypass the insanely steep hike by going around to Strawberry Saddle and hiking the ridge up, which requires a bit of scrambling over rocks. Worked 20M, 40M SSB, and 2M AM (yes, AM). Brought a new (to me) HT which added 23cm to my quiver of bands. Tried to QSO with K6LDQ on 23cm – he could hear me, but I couldn’t hear him. Maybe next time!


Total distance: 3.14 mi
Max elevation: 5988 ft
Total climbing: 1492 ft
Total time: 04:20:05
Download file: MtLawlor.GPX

Date:16/03/2021 | Summit:W6/CT-089 (Mount Lawlor)

22:01K6LDQ14MHzSSB59 57
22:03AE0XI14MHzSSB55 57
22:05KC6ESW14MHzSSB58 58 (QRP)
22:06W3TCU14MHzSSB55 55
22:07KW4XK14MHzSSB55 55
22:20KE6IGU7MHzSSB59 55
22:21WY7N7MHzSSB55 55 S2S W7U/TO-055
22:22KF6HI7MHzSSB59 55
22:25WW7D7MHzSSB58 32
22:58KN6DMO144MHzAMS8 S9 AM
A bit of snow on the trail.
Freshly cleared firebreak to the summit.
On the firebreak, tried to photograph the 45 degree incline.
Bulldozed summit
Summit is up and to the right.
An old post at the summit where I setup my station.