W6/CT-087 – Little Mt. Gleason (6080)

I activated this peak in mid July after a bicycle activation up to (regular?) Mt. Gleason. I enjoyed the ride so much I came back for Little Mt. Gleason the following week. The ride up for the first few miles is tough, about a 11% grade according to my GPS. After that it calms down a bit, but it’s still up hill. To find Little Mt. Gleason, look for a microwave tower off in the distance while traveling up the road. That’s it. Eventually, there will be a dirt road on the right hand side that takes you to the summit. There is little to no shade on the road up, and there is zero shade once you get to the summit. I don’t know if I will do this one again in the middle of July, as the temps were quite high. As for the activation, I brought my Yaesu 817, my standard 20/40M vertical and one of those cheesy MFJ 1810T antennas for 10M, which brought me more contacts that 20+40 combined. Longest QSO was out to Colorado Springs, on 10M. The ride down was fast and enjoyable, and I look forward to activating this peak again in the winter months.


(Update 05-09-2022 – a server migration, plugin and php update revealed the timestamps on this .gpx file are broken. I’ve added fake times so this page renders correctly)
Total distance: 11.58 mi
Max elevation: 6012 ft
Total climbing: 1629 ft
Total time: 00:34:38
Download file: LittleGleason.gpx

Date:10/07/2020 | Summit:W6/CT-087 (6020)

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
21:31 KC6ESW 28MHz SSB 59 42
21:41 KB6WWI 28MHz SSB 59 59
21:59 KE0UI 28MHz SSB 52 59
22:21 WU7H 14MHz SSB 59 44
22:22 WW7D 14MHz SSB 55 45
22:46 K6YK 7MHz SSB 59 22
23:08 WA6FX 28MHz SSB 59 45
23:40 K6LDQ 28MHz SSB 59 44
The fire road up after the first mile or two
False summit!
Microwave site. The shelter and tower to the right seems to be unused.
The Marin. I think this was an old road that the forest service closed down. It’s on the map, but blocked off with large wood pilings.

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