Los Angeles Emergency Simplex Net

70cm Simplex net, operating bicycle mobile from Elysian Park, Los Angeles. Made a quick QSO with KK6WLD before the net in San Diego with 1/2 watt into a roll-up j pole antenna. Impressive. Stations heard from this point.

  • WB6NCT
  • W0SAN
  • KJ6CBE
  • K8NBD
  • KK6WLD
  • W6WXL
  • WB6NCT
  • W6NTT
  • K6FCC
  • KI6IOV

After the net, there was another on 2M SSB. Stations were myself KM6NAO and KK6WLD. Propagation was very good. APRS packets from my HT were making their way to a Laguna Beach iGate.