EchoLink node – Echo Park, CA

It’s taken some time, but I’ve got my EchoLink node working, and functional.  I keep the ‘net side of the node up 80% of the time, but the radio is kept off if I’m out of town or away from the house for an extended time.  The system will run off a sealed 7Ah lead acid battery for 2~3 days if needed.

Below is the basic info.  All licensed amateur radio operators are welcome to use the system if you’re in range of the transmitter.

Node: 390877
145.675 / CTCSS 156.7
TX @ 5W (maybe less?)

Using DTMF tones, you can key in the following commands to start service modules.  Each level will give another set of commands if available.

Press (#) to deactivate any module.

ID the system (*#)

Help (0#)
Parrot (1#)
EchoLink (2#)
# disconnect last station
## disconnect all stations
51# listen only mode

Voicemail (3#)

Special features – These toggle relays on and off in the EchoLink frame, with the idea that they turn things on and off, like the radio or my coffee maker.  I haven’t wired any of that stuff up yet though.  Currently remote control is done through SSH with obvious limitations.

Relay 1 (96#)
Relay 2 (97#)
Relay 3 (98#)
Relay 4 (99#)


Follow this link for more info on how to setup your own node using a Pi.

Below outlines a basic EchoLink system if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  You can also read more about it here.


EDIT: 091318 – changed radio frequency, added additional DTMF commands here.

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