Mt. Gleason W6/CT-017

I originally planned on riding my bike up to W6/CT-087, which is on the way to Mt. Gleason, but I was feeling good so I pushed through to the further summit. The road up is paved, as there was a Nike missile site up top, which became a Forest Service fire outpost, which, tragically burned down in the 2009 Station Fire. Since it is almost 10 miles to the top, cycling made quick work of what would be above my pedestrian threshold. Once at the top, I setup the station under a grove of pine trees in the shade. I made a few contacts on 2M as the HF antenna got setup. I self spotted on 20M, and made a few contacts. Moving over to 40M and self spotting again, I quickly found it was noisy. I could clearly hear chasers calling me, but there was no getting out on my end. I made a few contacts regardless, including, a S2S. I moved over to 2M CW to practice my code. Made one contact, then another station called, which was a busted QSO because my brain still freezes when receiving.

More info and photos on LA-04

Total distance: 18.62 mi
Max elevation: 6529 ft
Min elevation: 4915 ft
Total climbing: 2881 ft
Average speed: 0.00 m/s

Date:03/07/2020 | Summit:W6/CT-017 (Mount Gleason)

20:26KI6PMD144MHzFM59 59
20:37N1WAX144MHzSSB59 59
20:45N0RSR14MHzSSB49 55
20:45NQ7R14MHzSSB55 59
20:46W7FAS14MHzSSB59 57
20:47K0YO14MHzSSB45 55
20:55NG6R14MHzSSB59 57
21:15K2J14MHzSSB59 59
21:21WW7D7MHzSSB22 45 S2S W7W/CW-085
21:23N6DNM7MHzSSB55 44
22:44K6LDQ144MHzCW599 599

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