Photographing Leslie

Leslie is a bubbly redhead, model, and actress living in LA.  Since I love photographing people, I stuck a roll of Tri-X into my beloved camera and shot some photos for her look book.  Below are two of my favorites from the shoot.

Somewhere in Korea Town, Los Angeles

Vermont and 3rd, Los Angeles

Lost/ Random photos

When I mailed my big ass DSLR back to LA, I forgot to take the photos off of the card!  Now that I’m back, here are those images.  Also included are images from my phone, and stuff from Facebook.


I’m still in Florida, which is nice because I always felt like I should spend more time here.  Some friends from LA flew out here and we traveled around and saw things I would never normally do, like check out an alligator farm, or look at the Coral Castle.  I’ve also pulled my old rusty car from storage and put it back together somewhat.  here are a bunch of photos.