Sailing – A bit windy

Total distance: 17.08 mi
Max elevation: 46 ft
Min elevation: -69 ft
Total climbing: 876 ft
Average speed: 2.39 m/s

2nd Annual January 6th Sailing!

Total distance: 19.96 mi
Max elevation: 33 ft
Min elevation: -43 ft
Total climbing: 948 ft
Average speed: 1.89 m/s

July Sailing

Total distance: 19.99 mi
Max elevation: 36 ft
Min elevation: -30 ft
Total climbing: 646 ft
Average speed: 2.22 m/s

Griffith Park – Light up 2M day


GPS data collected from a Yaesu FT2D HT.  Data output is NMEA?  Parsed in Google Earth, then Garmin Base Camp. 

Total distance: 22.89 mi
Max elevation: 1391 ft
Min elevation: 295 ft
Total climbing: 2940 ft
Average speed: 2.66 m/s


Waypoints marked via RF APRS.

2M QSO with Summit W6/CT-242

Check logbook for other QSOs on this postings date.

Sailing tracks

10 knots, gusting to 18 knots

Total distance: 16.64 mi
Max elevation: 69 ft
Min elevation: -43 ft
Total climbing: 909 ft
Average speed: 2.31 m/s

CDMX Tracks y fotos


Total distance: 21.64 mi
Max elevation: 7543 ft
Min elevation: 6594 ft
Total climbing: 1637 ft
Average speed: 20.34 m/s
Total distance: 15.66 mi
Max elevation: 7900 ft
Min elevation: 7333 ft
Total climbing: 436 ft
Average speed: 14.96 m/s

Total distance: 2.24 mi
Max elevation: 7365 ft
Min elevation: 7326 ft
Total climbing: 102 ft
Average speed: 1.03 m/s

Sailing Tracks

Total distance: 16.56 mi
Max elevation: 10 ft
Min elevation: -46 ft
Total climbing: 1060 ft
Average speed: 1.81 m/s

California loop