W6/SS-285 – Bald Mountain

This was my first activation in the Southern Sierras; quite a bit of a drive from my QTH, but it made a fun day with my wife. The station was setup off the side of the summit on a picnic table. I only made two contacts on 2M (one S2S) and two on 20M. 40M was simply not working. Either my station was in a terrible position, or propagation simply wasn’t working in my favor.


Total distance: 4.38 mi
Max elevation: 9386 ft
Min elevation: 8593 ft
Total climbing: 1020 ft
Average speed: 1.22 m/s
2M S2S with W6RIP. 155.2 miles is very good.

Date:24/07/2020 | Summit:W6/SS-285 (Bald Mountain)

22:53W6RIP144MHzFM55 55 S2S W6/CT-047
22:55KG6USS144MHzFM59 57
23:17K6LDQ14MHzSSB32 33
23:17WU7H14MHzSSB45 33

W6/CT-050 – Delamar Mountain

8 point summit near Fawnskin (Big Bear Lake). Do not follow my tracks on this one, as I completely missed the trail! We started out on a section of the PCT, scrambled up to the summit, then followed an old road down, which didn’t really put us in a position to get back to the car easily. I didn’t make a ton of contacts, but overall, a fun hike.


Total distance: 4.34 mi
Max elevation: 8399 ft
Min elevation: 7277 ft
Total climbing: 2234 ft
Average speed: 1.12 m/s

Date:18/07/2020 | Summit:W6/CT-050 (Delamar Mountain)

12:00N1WAX144MHzFM55 50
12:00KG6USS144MHzFM59 59
12:01N6JNY144MHzFM59 59
12:02WA6WV144MHzFM59 59
12:10W0ADV14MHzSSB59 52
12:11KB6AE14MHzSSB59 59
12:12W0MNA14MHzSSB55 44
12:14K6LDQ14MHzSSB55 45
12:27WU7H7MHzSSB35 33

W6/CT-087 – Little Mt. Gleason (6080)

I activated this peak in mid July after a bicycle activation up to (regular?) Mt. Gleason. I enjoyed the ride so much I came back for Little Mt. Gleason the following week. The ride up for the first few miles is tough, about a 11% grade according to my GPS. After that it calms down a bit, but it’s still up hill. To find Little Mt. Gleason, look for a microwave tower off in the distance while traveling up the road. That’s it. Eventually, there will be a dirt road on the right hand side that takes you to the summit. There is little to no shade on the road up, and there is zero shade once you get to the summit. I don’t know if I will do this one again in the middle of July, as the temps were quite high. As for the activation, I brought my Yaesu 817, my standard 20/40M vertical and one of those cheesy MFJ 1810T antennas for 10M, which brought me more contacts that 20+40 combined. Longest QSO was out to Colorado Springs, on 10M. The ride down was fast and enjoyable, and I look forward to activating this peak again in the winter months.


Total distance: 11.63 mi
Max elevation: 6014 ft
Min elevation: 4911 ft
Total climbing: 1673 ft
Average speed: 0.00 m/s

Date:10/07/2020 | Summit:W6/CT-087 (6020)

21:31KC6ESW28MHzSSB59 42
21:41KB6WWI28MHzSSB59 59
21:59KE0UI28MHzSSB52 59
22:21WU7H14MHzSSB59 44
22:22WW7D14MHzSSB55 45
22:46K6YK7MHzSSB59 22
23:08WA6FX28MHzSSB59 45
23:40K6LDQ28MHzSSB59 44
The fire road up after the first mile or two
False summit!
Microwave site. The shelter and tower to the right seems to be unused.
The Marin. I think this was an old road that the forest service closed down. It’s on the map, but blocked off with large wood pilings.

Mt. Gleason W6/CT-017

I originally planned on riding my bike up to W6/CT-087, which is on the way to Mt. Gleason, but I was feeling good so I pushed through to the further summit. The road up is paved, as there was a Nike missile site up top, which became a Forest Service fire outpost, which, tragically burned down in the 2009 Station Fire. Since it is almost 10 miles to the top, cycling made quick work of what would be above my pedestrian threshold. Once at the top, I setup the station under a grove of pine trees in the shade. I made a few contacts on 2M as the HF antenna got setup. I self spotted on 20M, and made a few contacts. Moving over to 40M and self spotting again, I quickly found it was noisy. I could clearly hear chasers calling me, but there was no getting out on my end. I made a few contacts regardless, including, a S2S. I moved over to 2M CW to practice my code. Made one contact, then another station called, which was a busted QSO because my brain still freezes when receiving.

More info and photos on LA-04 http://www.themilitarystandard.com/missile/nike/la-04.php


Total distance: 18.62 mi
Max elevation: 6529 ft
Min elevation: 4915 ft
Total climbing: 2881 ft
Average speed: 0.00 m/s

Date:03/07/2020 | Summit:W6/CT-017 (Mount Gleason)

20:26KI6PMD144MHzFM59 59
20:37N1WAX144MHzSSB59 59
20:45N0RSR14MHzSSB49 55
20:45NQ7R14MHzSSB55 59
20:46W7FAS14MHzSSB59 57
20:47K0YO14MHzSSB45 55
20:55NG6R14MHzSSB59 57
21:15K2J14MHzSSB59 59
21:21WW7D7MHzSSB22 45 S2S W7W/CW-085
21:23N6DNM7MHzSSB55 44
22:44K6LDQ144MHzCW599 599

W6/CT-005 – Throop Peak

This was a nice hike, but a bit far from my QTH. I intended to do a double activation of Throop and Mt. Lewis, but the temperature was dropping and it was best to head home. The HF bands were kinda quiet, but I jumped on FM Simplex and made a bunch of contacts from Apple Valley to Temecula


Total distance: 4.44 mi
Max elevation: 9147 ft
Min elevation: 7887 ft
Total climbing: 1709 ft
Average speed: 1.02 m/s

Date:12/06/2020 | Summit:W6/CT-005 (Throop Peak)

20:31W0ADV14MHzSSB45/ 31
20:32WW7D14MHzSSB45/ 55
20:36AB6SO14MHzSSB45/ 44
20:37WU7H14MHzSSB55/ 57
20:40K6CBQ14MHzSSB55/ 42
20:47N0WAE14MHzSSB55/ 33
20:56W6NYU14MHzSSB59/ 45
20:58NS7P14MHzSSB45/ 44
21:04N6DLC14MHzSSB55/ 59
21:15K6HPX7MHzSSB59/ 53
21:16K6YK7MHzSSB55/ 22
21:35W6OBI144MHzFM59/ 55
21:35KF6REU144MHzFM59/ 59
21:36WA6WV144MHzFM59/ 59
21:37N1WAX144MHzFM59/ 59
21:38KS6R144MHzFM59/ 59
21:38W2LOL144MHzFM59/ 59
21:38WR6S144MHzFM55/ 59
21:40AJ6O144MHzFM59/ 59
21:41KI6RF144MHzFM59/ 59
21:41WB6NQW144MHzFM59/ 59
21:42KI6AFZ144MHzFM59/ 59
21:44KM6CEM144MHzFM59/ 59
21:45KK6RQM144MHzFM59/ 59
21:47KB6FIG144MHzFM45/ 59
21:54K6LDQ433MHzCW599/ 599

W6/CT-146 – Hoyt Mountain

This my second time activating Hoyt Mountain, however this time, I hiked up for the ARRL VHF contest and primarily worked 6M and 70CM, with a few contacts on 2M, and a couple S2S contacts. This is on my top 5 list of favorite summits because it’s close to home, and it’s not a popular place for Angelenos to hike; I’d like to camp up here sometime for an overnight activation in the future. See my previous activation of this summit HERE.


Total distance: 4.7 mi
Max elevation: 4419 ft
Min elevation: 2979 ft
Total climbing: 1614 ft
Average speed: 1.03 m/s

Date:13/06/2020 | Summit:W6/CT-146 (Hoyt Mountain)

21:16K6RIN433MHzFMDM04 – S2S W6/CT-158
22:08N6AN50MHzSSBDM04 – S2S W6/CT-225
23:26N6AN144MHzFMDM04 S2S
Fire road up to the saddle
This is the fire break trail, steep, narrow, several false summits before getting to the top.
The station
6M dipole; I hung a 2M, 70CM roll up j-pole off one of the legs after taking this photo.
Quite a bit of old fire hose up here.