W6/CT-140 – Jupiter Mountain

With the forest directly above Los Angeles still mostly shutdown due to fire, I’ve been focusing my efforts to the western part of the San Gabriel Mountains above Santa Clarita, hopefully doing as much exploring and SOTA activating I can in the area before it gets brutally hot in the summer. There are two trailheads for Jupiter Mountain; The first trail is a steep firebreak which leads directly to the summit, where you will find a small bench. The second trail is a narrow single track, which is longer, but not quite as steep. These two trails together make a nice loop. Ebun, my hiking pal and I chose to ascend the steep firebreak, then go down the narrow single track, which seems to be the most popular route when referencing SoCal hiking blogs. We encountered a pair of jeeps driving to the top, so you could also drive up the firebreak to the summit in a 4×4 with low gears. I packed a G90 radio, which I acquired second hand, and haven’t used on a SOTA trip before. Additionally, I haven’t really used it at home either so I had a bit of a learning curve to operate the radio. Using APRS, I spotted myself on 20M SSB, then 40M SSB, where I made a bunch of QSOs. Once all the chasers were worked, Ebun and I hiked down to the starting point.


Total distance: 2.65 mi
Max elevation: 4498 ft
Min elevation: 3379 ft
Total climbing: 1250 ft
Average speed: 0.00 m/s

Date:13/02/2021 | Summit:W6/CT-140 (Jupiter Mountain)

20:13W4KRN14MHzSSB45 44
20:14W0MNA14MHzSSB45 45
20:16WA9STI14MHzSSB45 57
20:18VA7XCW14MHzSSB45 33
20:18W0ERI14MHzSSB51 55
20:19W9MRH14MHzSSB45 57
20:21W5BOS14MHzSSB51 57
20:21K6LDQ14MHzSSB55 55
20:22K9TPR14MHzSSB52 57
20:24ND0C14MHzSSB55 55
20:35W7RV7MHzSSB55 55
20:36K6MXA7MHzSSB55 55
20:37W6JP7MHzSSB53 55
20:38WB7ULD7MHzSSB33 41
20:38K6YK7MHzSSB55 55