W6/CT-025 – Josephine Peak

Another day off work means another SOTA activation. I had Josephine Peak on my radar because there is a fire road all the way to the top, which means I could ride a bike up to the summit. I made it a bit over a mile up the road before I needed to stop and walk. After that it was intermittent riding/ pushing. There are several switchbacks which make the grade a bit easier, but these obviously add quite a bit of distance to the route – something I didn’t think about when starting this activation. At the top of the summit there is evidence of a fire lookout tower, and a small shelter for radio equipment. I made a surprising amount of contacts on 2M given it was a Tuesday; 20M and 40M felt quiet but I still managed a few contacts on each. It got cold and dark quickly, so I tore the station down and headed to my car which was parked on highway 2. The downhill ride was fast; I was on both brakes hard the entire way to maintain a reasonable speed. Overall, this was a fun activation.

2020 activation report here.


(Update 05-09-2022 – a server migration, plugin and php update revealed the timestamps on this .gpx file are broken. I’ve added fake times so this page renders correctly)

Total distance: 4.05 mi
Max elevation: 5555 ft
Total climbing: 2056 ft
Total time: 00:12:02
Download file: Josephine.gpx

Date:10/Dec/2019 Summit:W6/CT-025 (Josephine Peak) 

Time Call Band Mode Notes
22:40z KM6CJK 433MHz FM  
22:53z KJ6MCO 144MHz FM  
22:55z AD6JK 144MHz FM  
22:56z KD6UTC 144MHz FM  
22:57z AI6ZV 144MHz FM  
22:58z KM6RKK 144MHz FM  
22:59z K6LDQ 144MHz FM  
23:02z KG6MDH 144MHz FM  
23:05z KN6EIE 144MHz FM  
23:07z KI6NAZ 144MHz FM  
23:11z KM6TNT 144MHz FM  
23:19z ZL2IFB 14MHz SSB  
23:20z W0MA 14MHz SSB  
23:21z W0ERI 14MHz SSB  
23:35z WU7H 7MHz SSB  
23:39z NW7E 7MHz SSB  
Trails leading up to the top
Looking up at the summit
Small shelter and some microwave equipment
Strawberry Peak and Mount Lawlor from the summit
My ride up to the top

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