W6/CT-010 – Mt. Islip

I was saving the higher elevation hikes for the summer with the idea it would be much cooler and enjoyable when the city below is being scorched by the sun. That’s not the case. It was hot, the route up was in full sun, and I wondered what it would take to loose some pack weight to make the trip up to the summit easier. Overall, it was enjoyable. Solar conditions were not so great, but I was able to make several QSOs on 20. 40M was dead, with only one QSO up to Washington State. Made a 2M CW contact, and a few 2M FM contacts right before heading down to the car.


(Update 05-09-2022 – a server migration, plugin and php update revealed the timestamps on this .gpx file are broken.  I’ve added fake times so this page renders correctly)

Total distance: 7.34 mi
Max elevation: 8245 ft
Total climbing: 2329 ft
Total time: 00:21:45
Download file: Islip3.gpx

Date:27/05/2020 | Summit:W6/CT-010 (Mount Islip)

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
20:42 WW7D 14MHz SSB  
20:45 WU7H 14MHz SSB  
20:46 W9MRH 14MHz SSB  
20:47 N0RZ 14MHz SSB  
20:48 K3TCU 14MHz SSB  
20:49 KM3A 14MHz SSB  
20:50 W6FWS 14MHz SSB  
20:51 W7JCO 14MHz SSB  
20:53 NG6R 14MHz SSB  
20:56 W5BOS 14MHz SSB  
20:57 KN6DOQ 14MHz SSB  
21:02 K7GT 14MHz SSB  
21:33 K6LDQ 144MHz CW 144.060
21:41 K6TS 7MHz SSB  
21:59 KG6BPY 144MHz FM  
22:00 KB9ENS 144MHz FM  
22:01 KM6PRE 144MHz FM  
22:02 K6RBS 144MHz FM  

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