PAT – A Winlink Cliet

Here is how I run Pat with AX25. This assumes Direwolf can key your radio for 2M/ 1200 baud connections to local nodes. I’ve yet to get this actually working, as I live in hole which RF can’t seem to escape.

Run Direwolf, with APRS stuff commented out of the config file. The -p and -c flags are needed.

$sudo direwolf -p -c direwolf_noaprs.conf

This will give a symlink, such as:

Virtual KISS TNC is available on /dev/pts/1
Created symlink /tmp/kisstnc -> /dev/pts/1

Take note of the device number, in this case, /dev/pts/1 Bind the port to AX.25

$ kissattach /dev/pts/1 wl2k
AX.25 port wl2k bound to device ax0

Then, run pat. I use a bunch of arguments here, you don need to.

$pat --listen ardop,ax25,telnet http

Open a browser, and load pat interface on :8080

You noticed that I included ardop in the config – this is a HF modem which needs separate command line arguments for configuration. Basic config is below. 8515 is the port, plughw is the USB sound card for I/O. Find the audio cards by typing aplay -l into the terminal

Download ardop here.

$./ardopc 8515 plughw:1,0 plughw:1,0

Baofeng Charger Mod

I really want all my radio junk to run off a single power supply and interconnect with Anderson Power Poles, so I modified a Baofeng charger base to do just that!

A few different bases, Pofung y Baofeng. Both came with a UV5R of some kind.
Different moldings, different stickers.
Insides somewhat different, same circuit though. (see below)
Used a bunch of diodes to bring the voltage down.
Fitted with cable and Anderson Power Poles
All done! Works well!
Oh, this is the IC managing the charger. HXN-WS 1116

July Sailing

Total distance: 19.99 mi
Max elevation: 36 ft
Min elevation: -30 ft
Average speed: 2.22 m/s
Total time: 04:40:04

Los Angeles Emergency Simplex Net

70cm Simplex net, operating bicycle mobile from Elysian Park, Los Angeles. Made a quick QSO with KK6WLD before the net in San Diego with 1/2 watt into a roll-up j pole antenna. Impressive. Stations heard from this point.

  • WB6NCT
  • W0SAN
  • KJ6CBE
  • K8NBD
  • KK6WLD
  • W6WXL
  • WB6NCT
  • W6NTT
  • K6FCC
  • KI6IOV

After the net, there was another on 2M SSB. Stations were myself KM6NAO and KK6WLD. Propagation was very good. APRS packets from my HT were making their way to a Laguna Beach iGate.