LA -> NV -> MEX

Los Angeles, to the middle of Nevada, to Mexico and back. ┬áMissing a lot of photos, but you get the point. ┬áTracks below…

IMG_0128 IMG_0134 IMG_0135 IMG_0143 IMG_0145 IMG_0198 IMG_0195 IMG_0191 IMG_0189 IMG_0170 IMG_0161 IMG_0157 IMG_0151




$ gpsbabel -t -i gpx -f 20160528.gpx -i gpx -f 20160
529.gpx -i gpx -f 20160530.gpx -i gpx -f 20160531.gpx -i gpx -f 20160601.gpx -i gpx
-f 20160603.gpx -i gpx -f 20160606.gpx -x track,merge,title=”COMBINED LOG” -o gpx
-F LA_AZ_MEX.gpx

Total distance: 2129.84 mi
Max elevation: 10102 ft
Min elevation: -135 ft
Total climbing: 86109 ft
Average speed: 21.94 m/s