W6/CT-030 – Mt. Lukens

Up until this summit I may have been logging my QSOs wrong. After 00:00 UTC, the activation starts over and chasers can claim additional points with another QSO.

Mount Lukens is the highest point in the city of Los Angeles. I started the bike ride up at Grizzly Flats trailhead off Hwy 2. At the fork in the fire road, stay left. (Going right brings you to Hoyt Mountain). The fire road narrows, eventually turning into a single track. This leads up to the main road up to the summit.


(Update 05-09-2022 – a server migration, plugin and php update revealed the timestamps on this .gpx file are broken. I’ve added fake times so this page renders correctly)

Total distance: 13.28 mi
Max elevation: 5092 ft
Total climbing: 2771 ft
Total time: 00:39:41
Download file: Lukens.gpx

Date:27/Feb/2020 Summit:W6/CT-030 (Mount Lukens) 

Time Call Band Mode Notes
22:29z N6IET 144MHz FM  
22:32z K6LDQ 144MHz FM  
22:33z NA6MG 144MHz FM  
22:35z NA6Z 144MHz FM  
22:36z AI6VK 144MHz FM  
22:38z KN6GOX 144MHz FM  
22:42z WA9STI 144MHz FM  
22:49z KN6CJK 144MHz FM  
22:54z KK6WFC 144MHz FM  
22:55z K6CPR 144MHz FM  
22:58z KF6PFM 144MHz FM  
23:17z W0MNA 14MHz SSB  
23:21z K6JGM 14MHz SSB  

Date:28/Feb/2020 Summit:W6/CT-030 (Mount Lukens) 

Time Call Band Mode Notes
00:01z NQ7R 7MHz SSB  
00:02z NK6A 7MHz SSB  
00:05z WA9STI 7MHz SSB  
00:06z N6AN 7MHz SSB  
00:07z W7RV 7MHz SSB  
00:12z K6LDQ 7MHz SSB  
00:14z N6MKW 7MHz SSB  
1994 Marin Zig-Zag Trail
The fire road down

UPDATE! First activation of 2021, 2nd activation of Lukens – Biked up Lukens the same way as I had done last year, via Grizzly Flats. This is a super fun ride. Kel, eBun, and Tim rode up with me for this quick activation. I foolishly didn’t bring my HT, so I couldn’t self spot. No cellphone service. There was also high wind, so I just worked 2M FM as I didn’t want to struggle with the HF antenna. RF is extremely high on the summit, which causes the radio to struggle.

Date:09/01/2021 | Summit:W6/CT-030 (Mount Lukens)

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
22:53 WA6QXA 144MHz FM  
22:54 KN6CJK 144MHz FM  
22:55 KB6YBV 144MHz FM  
22:58 KN6GPF 144MHz FM  
22:59 KN6ZEA 144MHz FM Roger
23:00 KI6SLA 144MHz FM  
23:01 WB2WIK 144MHz FM  
23:02 KN6KOR 144MHz FM  
23:03 K6GKA 144MHz FM  
23:04 KN6DMO 144MHz FM  
23:04 WA6WV 144MHz FM  
23:05 K6PVZ 144MHz FM Paul
23:05 N6MKW 144MHz FM  
23:06 KI6RF 144MHz FM  
23:08 KE6PLA 144MHz FM  
23:09 KM6UHU 144MHz FM  
23:10 KM6EHD 144MHz FM  
23:10 K6MAA 144MHz FM  
23:11 KM6PRD 144MHz FM  
23:12 W9SSN 144MHz FM  
23:12 N6DAI 144MHz FM  
23:13 KN6JRN 144MHz FM  

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