Some phone contacts are logged here, others on a napkin somewhere. FT8 contacts are eventually uploaded to LoTW.  SOTA contacts are logged at  I sometimes QSL with paper.  I’m good on QRZ.

SOTA Activity……..    Activation reports here

ECHOLINK NODE (Echo park) – This is a temporary node, mostly used to monitor repeaters on the east coast.  Radio is a Baofeng on low power, antenna is terrible.  Host machine is a Raspberry Pi, running Debian.  Software is SVXLink  Everything is built into a ammo can.  TX doesn’t make is much further than a neighborhood block.

Node: 390877
145.675 / CTCSS 156.7
TX @ 5W

DTMF commands, enter *# for help.

WORMHOLE NET Wednesdays on 446.500 @15:30z
Jon, K6LDQ publishes a newsletter
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High Frequency stuff…