Mr. Sandwich’s Poker Ride

Obligatory Route 66 photo.

Rev. Mook with Buck probably watching a freight train rumble past.

This is Mr. Sandwich

Day 1 – I wanted to stay off the super slab as much as possible, so I took a route through the Angeles Forest to cut up to Palmdale. From there it’s pretty much 2 lane roads all the way to my destination.

Total distance: 249.14 mi
Max elevation: 4918 ft
Min elevation: 367 ft
Total climbing: 12008 ft
Average speed: 19.62 m/s

Day 2 – I was kinda hung-over, wanted to get home, so I took I-10 back from Joshua Tree. The wind in that area is insane, and it’s kinda scary on a bike.

Total distance: 213.5 mi
Max elevation: 3510 ft
Min elevation: 253 ft
Total climbing: 8419 ft
Average speed: 22.31 m/s

November moto trip?

Here is a shorter version of an older route I came up with, here. I used the site, to use Google maps data to export to .GFX for my Garmin and OSM maps.

Total distance: 1226.67 mi
Max elevation: 0 ft
Min elevation: 0 ft
Total climbing: 0 ft
Average speed: 0.00 m/s